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Unbeweavable Meatloaf by Melanie Burke

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Prepare meatloaf mixture to your liking, using Beazell's Cajun Seasoning of course!

In my loaf I use a basic trinity, garlic, parsley, all fresh that I have ran thru my ninja. Some Worcestershire, Beazell's , and instead of breadcrumbs I use French fried onions. And a couple eggs to bind everything. Between the added grease from bacon and fat from French fried onions, and how much fresh stuff I put in it, I use a 90/10 mix of ground chuck.

Using half of mixture, shape into loaf. I use one of my plastic cutting mats to do this on.

I then karate chop me a nice lil cavity down the middle of my loaf.

Then I fill cavity with pepper jack cheese chunks I have cut lengthwise from block.

Top with remaining meat mixture, ensuring all edges are sealed. Place in fridge or freezer. I usually do freezer while I am making my bacon weave!

Weave a bacon blanket, big enough to accommodate your loaf. Remove loaf from freezer. Drape bacon blanket over loaf.

Slide loaf onto desired cooking sheet/ pan, tucking blanket under loaf.

Cook at 325, uncovered until done. Mine usually takes about an hour and a half.

The last half hour, using basting brush, I paint a nice tomato based glaze on my bacon.

Glaze for top is tomato paste from tube, a lil brown sugar, a beef bouillon cube crushed, some Italian seasoning, and drippings out of meatloaf pan. Small saucepan, I squeeze tomato paste in there, kinda brown a little, add rest of ingredients, let it bubble, then it's done. Then I just paint the loaf in intervals till it's gone.

When done, let stand for about 5 minutes before slicing.


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