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Jo Ann
2013-07-31, 19:46
I use Mr. B's all the time. It's just not that good! It's AWESOME!!!! My whole family and a few of my neighbors has switch. I say it's FABULOUS!!!!!
2013-05-13, 16:46
This is the only Cajun seasoning I use. I tossed the rest after only one taste of Beazell's. I use it on everything from steaks, to burgers, to eggs, to soups, to chicken, to gumbo... to anything I want to taste better. I love my Beazell's. There's a little bit of La in every bite. And the lovely people who created Beazell's are just wonderful. Service is quick, and prices are reasonable. No cook should be without Beazell's... Original or Lemon.
Texas Womble
2013-03-10, 03:42
Very very Good indeed, will be spreading the love here in Houston and also to friends in California! NO other seasoning is as good as this! It is as good as it gets and the low sodium factor is a plus!
2013-01-30, 15:11
Beazell's is the only seasoning used in my household. I recommend it to all of our friends and family as well. IT'S THAT GOOD! It's hello beazell's goodbye tony c.......
Michael/Courtney Wright
2013-01-28, 00:35
We tried Beazell's on steaks cple nights ago and very impressed. Sunday night we used in Pork Chops and Scalloped Potatoes in crock pot and even my wife is impressed and she is very picky when it comes to spices in cooking but now she says " We best not run out of it "
Mary Theriot
2013-01-10, 21:31
Beazell's is the only seasoning used in our household. I recommend it to all of our friends and family as well. IT'S THAT GOOD!
Marianne Sephton
2012-12-30, 18:38
We're not even close to being Cajun, but we LOVE the food. I've tried all the seasonings there are, and BeaZell's is hands down THE BEST!! I shake this good stuff into every savory thing I make - perfect for that spicy touch!! Wish I could buy it local, but as long as I order before the pink can's empty, we're good. ;-)
Brandi Mooney
2012-12-24, 22:14
Beazell's is our seasoning of choice! What are you waiting for? Geaux get you some! IT'S THAT GOOD!
Amy A. Sosa
2012-12-06, 20:33
I can say that I first tried Beazell's Cajun Seasoning early this year! Believe in this product and love it so much that ended up meeting with the Beazell's not long after that at the suggestion of my sister because I was a retired Chef. Well needless to say, after that I was no longer retired and am tickled to be a part of the Beazell's Cajun Seasoning family! There is no other seasoning blend in this household. Truly - IT'S THAT GOOD and so versatile that it makes any recipe that much better!
Rhonda Dennis
2012-12-06, 03:26
The only Cajun seasoning used in this household is the one in the pink can! The flavor is extraordinary, but don't take my word for it, try it for yourself. I guarantee, you'll be one of the thousands saying, "It's that good!"
Hollyn Chellette
Chef Freddie Ledet
2012-12-04, 14:31
Chef Freddie Ledet is adamant on bringing the best that Louisiana has to offer and in doing so we are dedicated to the purpose of using the freshest ingredients from our area. We are working daily to establish a relationship with our local vendors to ensure that we are using the best fish, crab, crawfish and oysters harvested by our community from our environment. In the process Chef Freddie Ledet has discovered the best Cajun Seasoning to be found and it is a product from the Tri-City area. We are proud to announce that we will be incorporating “BeaZell’s Cajun Season” in our recipes. It’s a product we recommend and if your grocer doesn’t carry it the demand it from them.
Marilynn Townsend
2012-11-29, 14:00
"We tried your seasoning and the 4 families that tried it.. LOVE IT!! We find that it is better than Tony C**** ... Rich**** and all the other seasonings.. and it has half the sodium that the others has.. The flavor is unbelievable.. thank you so much.. I bought 4 and gave them as gifts and my mom wants to know about buying them by the case..I stared out the names cause I don't want trouble for you.. your product is by far better.. thank you."